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Shooting Sports Training: 

Pain and injury are the two most common reason why athletes stop training for or participating in their sport. 

The purpose of this training program is to bring awareness to your body and expose limiting factors holding you back from training and performing at your highest potential. 

My goal is to help you understand why we experience pain, how to move your body in a way that reduces your risk for pain and injury, while improving your bodies' capacity to handle the training volume (endurance) required to enhance your sport specific skill of shooting for any discipline. 

I intend to empower you to take responsibility and control over your own body, and to do the work necessary to keep it healthy, durable, and strong for a long career of shooting...whether that be for sport or recreation.

This training program can be used as a stand alone routine to keep your body moving well, AND as a warm up or preparation prior to practice or competition. 

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